Leslie Tolson

Member - Choral Directors' Association (Singapore)


Leslie Tolson is a choral conductor, composer, pianist and cellist. At 20 years old, he has earned studies in Composition and Conducting, mostly looking into composition critiques and appreciation. He has also been with London College of Music and Trinity College for his Piano Performance studies.

With a team of singers and a string quartet, his team gives choral and composition workshops, and piano masterclasses. He has arranged music for his secondary school alma mater, like "Orinoco Flow", "Killing Me Softly" for Choir and Orchestra, and composed his very own "Tenebrae Mass" and has his Piano Improvisations Album "Singapore" - where a walk around different cities in Singapore had him create different ideas for pieces.

Leslie is now guiding 3 choirs - as the principal conductor of The Heralds Choir and Orchestra at SMOTA, and also as a pianist with the Church of the Holy Spirit. He is with a small growing choir called The Nine Voices and String Quartet, in which his team also wants to expand soon. 

He has worked with other choirs to help them improve with his philosophy: "Understanding, Appreciation and Ideation.". Leslie currently attends Singapore Polytechnic where he studies Architecture, which he relates closely to choral composition. 

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