Lim Bee Na

Member - Choral Directors' Association (Singapore)


A strong advocate of music education in schools through choral singing and/or instrumental learning, Bee Na’s main focus is developing treble choirs in primary schools. She works primarily as a choral director but is often called upon to conduct and/or develop music education programmes for both the schools and teachers. Educated in the University of Western Australia, she holds a Bachelors in Music Education (Hons). Besides training choirs, she also holds a certificate in Band Instruction from the  Institute of Education and plays both the trumpet and percussion. Currently, she has 5 primary school choirs under her, 4 of which she has been with for at least 15 years.


Under her leadership, the choirs have participated and have received awards in both local (Singapore Youth Festival Central Choral Judging) and international  competitions. Some of the international competitions and festivals are :


- The Hong Kong International Youth and Children Choral Competition

  (Category winner for Children Choirs below 12)


- Rhapsody International Music Festival - Prague-Vienna-Salzburg


- Festival of Song in Olomouc 

  (Category winner for Children Choirs below 12)


- Australian International Music Festival (Sydney)

  (Received the Gold award twice)


- Summa Cum Laude International Youth Festival in Vienna

  (Runner up in Category for Children below 12)