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Derrick Kam


Derrick Kam is a Singapore choir conductor, music arranger, and vocal artist.

Despite being a music autodidact, he has put on many hats within the vocal community from inspiring people through community singing initiatives with the National Cancer Centre, National Library Board and many others, to advocating for the Singapore contemporary a cappella community internationally and with The A Cappella Society. He was also the music and vocals director for the National Cancer Centre's 2019 Harmony for Hope fundraiser concert.

Derrick is the conductor of several school choirs, some of which are active in their various communities aside from the annual Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentations. Aside from school choirs, he directs contemporary vocal ensemble Accord, and was music director for TAS Voices, an adult contemporary pop community choir for many years.

He is also active with The Graduate Singers and VOS Men, both prolific choirs, as well as local pop-jazz a cappella group Acappuccino who has represented Singapore at major festivals globally.

Occasionally dabbling into the craft of writing and arranging, Derrick has arranged folk, and contemporary a cappella music for a variety of groups and he aims to continuously hone the craft to allow access to quality works for people of all levels. Arrangements by Derrick are published by MUZIKSEA and SheetMusicPlus.

Not one to idle around, Derrick can be found kayaking occasionally if not doing music, or he'd be on his Kindle reading.

Derrick Kam
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