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Gestaphor! An Essential Approach to the Choral Rehearsal

We are pleased to have Maria Theresa Vizconde Roldan from The Philippines, to present a book launch and workshop titled: Gestaphor! - An Essential Approach to the Choral Rehearsal

Choral rehearsal is an essential aspect of developing a choir's performance. However, it can be challenging to connect with choir members and convey the intended message effectively. Gestaphor, a unique approach to choral rehearsal, uses gestures, words, metaphors to communicate abstract concepts and ideas. By using relatable and familiar imagery, Gestaphor makes it easier for choir members to understand and internalize the message, resulting in a more nuanced and cohesive performance. This seminar will teach you how to use Gestaphor and incorporate it into your choral rehearsal technique, allowing you to create a more meaningful and engaging experience for your choir. Here are the workshop details: Date: 21 November 2023 (Tueday) Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm Venue: Music Moves - 261 Waterloo Street, #02-24, Singapore 180261 This event is FREE for CDAS members (2023/24).

Non-members: $30

Students: $20

The book will also be available for purchase during the workshop at $25/copy.


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